[ 76 / 250 ] An early end

Whoda thunk it?

Hi there!

I never thought I’d abort this project so soon. Not even 100 weeks into my 250 week effort.

Well, ok, technically, it probably IS closer to 100 weeks. I’ve had six months off work, maybe more, because I birthed a beautiful boy. And he’s now the centre of my entire life.

Work was, before that.

Yep, it was.

And that was when I claimed to be a former workaholic.

So, um.

Hi, my name is Leticia. I was a workaholic. I was saved by my son.

As part of this “saving”, I am rolling this newsletter into my Weekly Letter.

I was sending two letters a week, and now that my life, including work-life, and work, is all such a different beast, it didn’t seem right to keep them separate.

Therefore, let’s commence the re-integration, shall we?

What I’d like you to do, if you enjoy reading the little missives that I send to you, is to go and add yourself to The Weekly Letter.

NOTE: If you’re a paid subscriber here (as a number of people are), reply to this email and I’ll help you sort out your payments/cancellations or resubscribes if that floats your boat. :)

Thanks for keeping this project afloat, though, it’s been fun.

Now - on to the next chapter eh!

Lots of love,